Mamavation Monday November 1, 2010

Wow, I’ve never been this late posting my Mamavation post. I’m feeling pretty hungover between the drinks (and a few puffs of a cigarette!!!!) on Saturday and OD’ing on chocolate yesterday. Puffy, bleh, nauseous. OK enough complaining. Here’s my post!

Goals from Last Week
Sugar. I did pretty well with the whole sugar thing, but this weekend I had ginger ale (and WHISKEY!) and all of that chocolate. I’m still committed though and back on that wagon. I am not sure how I’ll do it though. Do I allow myself a sugary treat on the weekend. It seems like if I knew I could have chocolate on Saturdays, I wouldn’t have gobbled down so many bars yesterday. I knew I wouldn’t have any after that, so I went nuts.

Working out 2 mornings a week. I don’t want to use the word “failed” so let’s just say this didn’t work out. This week should be better.

Zumba. I did this! It was good! I felt very silly, but it was a decent workout and I didn’t feel like I was exercising, just dancing. I laughed a lot too, and that’s always a good thing! I’m signing up to do 2 classes a week with the friend I did it with. SUCCESS!

Bike Trainer. I have one for free, but I have to drive to my sister-in-law’s four hours away to get it! I really can’t wait to get this and will set something up to watch videos while I ride. Want to try to get 1 hour 5 days a week in. Maybe I’ll have her mail it and pay for shipping. Not sure.

Goals for This Week

  • Meal Plan for 2 days. Starting small here.
  • Go to Zumba. 2X with my friend.
  • Go to Gym. 2X with my friend. Cycling and weights maybe.
  • Do Personal Training With Jackie: Xtreme Timesaver Training 2X.
  • Finish Watching Pete Cohen vids!!
  • Find a mountain biking trail
  • Bring bike for tune up.

I’m really enjoying writing the “What’s In It? Wednesday” posts, and I’ll be doing those weekly. This feature is also going to be syndicated on Fitblogger beginning November 17! Very excited about that. Check out the posts I’ve done so far on Diet Coke and Candy Corn. I’m taking suggestions as well.

Sista of the Week!
Congrats to Lorrie (@CuteAngel79) for Sista of the Week!! You are always there for a pat on the back and some nice convo, and you have stuck it out through good and bad. You deserve it!

Commenter of the Week
Well, we chose this person last week before leadership chose Sista of the Week. She really deserves it and we didn’t want to delay any longer. She has won a 20-minute session with the wonderful Pete Cohen (@pete_cohen)! Lorrie (@CuteAngel79), you deserve both awards this week! You consistently leave thoughtful comments and a lot of them! Congrats!

Giveaway of MizFitOnline Tee or Tank!
The giveaway ends on Friday. Check it out! Enter! Spread the news! Check out the giveaway here.

Stuff I’ve Won!
$30 Amazon card from Mom Most Traveled
$25 Subway card from Mamavation
Bondi Band from Simply Fitting Into Life and My Old Jeans
A Case of Chobani Yogurt from 263 and Counting
$25 Target Gift Card from Frugal Femina! Thanks to those of you who referred to me!

I’m having tons of fun entering contests, so please excuse all of the tweets. I’m obsessed with winning! : )

Mamavation TV
This week, we are sponsored by Subway! Jared. the Subway spokesman, is running the New York City Marathon this weekend, and I’ll be watching him and Meb, last year’s winner battle the fastest marathoner in the world, Haile Gebrselassie of Ethiopia. Here’s a schedule listing if you want to watch! Subway is giving away a prize this week and I’d love the Michael Phelps, er, package. I mean the swim cap and goggles!

Speaking of Subway, check out my Commit to Fit posts from October:

Check out Lisa’s blog at 50in8 and Rachel’s blog at Following in My Shoes for more information about the Subway Commit to Fit campaign.

I’ll be posting a race wrap up on Fitblogger to be published on Monday!

Go, Meb!!

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16 Responses to Mamavation Monday November 1, 2010

  1. tlpunlimited says:

    Like Leah said: “Holiday weekends are hard.” 😉

    Live and learn and let go! It’s a great new week full of detoxing and picking up ourselves by the bootstraps and time to get back on the saddle. LOL.

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Glad to know we were together on the choco OD this weekend… Heh, heh! Congrats on all the winning you have done! I am pushing for that Subway GC tonight!! Glad you liked Zumba, I am trying to talk my sister into going with me tonight! See ya later babe!

  3. Bad weekend is over…time to get back on the wagon! You can do it!

  4. Carrie Symes says:

    Pick yourself up and lets get moving! That’s so awesome that you love Zumba and are getting into it!!

  5. Beth says:

    This week is a new week. Take on the challenge!!! =) I am going to cheer you on this week!;)

  6. Lena says:

    You had a busy week all the way around. Thank You for the encouragements – cake is not my friend (my butt loves it though). Every time I look at Your pic – I think that I need somebody to get a pic of me with my two-wheeler (preferable before winter comes).

    Well, it’s a new week, and pounds are not going anywhere on their own!

  7. randomrebecca says:

    I indulged too, but now it’s time to move on for all of us, and I think all of us are doing great with it!

    Let us know how you’re doing with your goals!!

  8. Okay…fresh start it’s Monday! Baby steps are how we get to the bigger steps. I have to say I do allow myself a small treat on the weekends, but that is in part due to living in the middle of nowhere and an our or so to the store. I think having it shipped might just be easier and cheaper, but you never know. I hate traffic and driving though. You have been my big eating support, you can lean on me if you need too, I’m hear for you. Good Luck this week.

  9. kia says:

    YEAH GO MEB!! DO IT BACK TO BACK. Also good luck Jared.

    You were cracking me up with the hangover talk yesterday. Ouch, drink that water!!! Those bike trainers can be heavy so watch that shipping cost if you choose to do that. You will have a blast with it when you get it. Also congrats on having that “what’s in it” series syndicated!

  10. Don’t worry, I blew ya out of the water on the lateness thing!

  11. krismoconnor says:

    Yay Lorrie! Very cool 😉

    Greta – love your posts – although I’m sad we don’t live closer! We could watch tv, ride our bikes, listen to 80’s music, laugh at ourselves and others, and eat chocolate.

    It would be divine!

  12. lorrie says:

    First thank you so much for the honor of commentator of the week I am so honored that my comments are appreciated and to have the SOTW and COTW in the same week is amazing this is my lucky week.

    I love how you OD’d on choclate I did too ! so thrilled that you get to be syndicated with your work that means you’ll reach a bigger audience so awesome. zumba is fun I’ve tried it before have fun with that and good luck with your goals huggles

  13. MrsFatass says:

    I’m a jack and ginger drinker. Or makers and ginger. And I love that you will just come out and say what you did and move on. Even the puffs. It happens.

    One thing that’s nice about those falls off the wagon is that the crappy feeling the next morning isn’t as tolerable or acceptable as it used to be.

    Anyhow, here’s to a fresh, great, kickass week!

  14. Shelley says:

    You are gonna KICK ARSE with your goals this week! I can feel it! So jealous that you can get a bike trainer FOR FREE!!! I’ll be souring Craigs list for one… thinking Feb might be a good time to catch anyone who made a new years resolution and didn’t stick with it LOL!

    Love your What’s in it Wednesday posts!!! So glad you are sharing them 🙂 HUGS!

  15. Annette says:

    I’ve enjoyed tweeting with you, but this is the first time I’ve been to your blog. Awesome goals there. I’ll have to come back tomorrow for your Wednesday post.

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