Commit to Fit Friday! October 22, 2010

This week’s Commit2Fit question is really easy:

What is your GO TO sammie when you visit Subway?

Well, my go to is the Veggie Delight, which consists of whole wheat bread, cheese (yes, I get the cheese), lettuce, tomato, pickles, olives, spinach and oil and vinegar. With the cheese, it’s a little more fattening and processed, and I think I will stop getting it with cheese now that I think of it! I do get a 6″ sub which is pretty satisfying. Occasionally I’ll get some baked chips as well. I’ve found the least processed chips (yes, still processed) are the Baked Tostitos. They are not super high in calories and only have about four ingredients.

Compared to some of the incredibly long lists for other baked chips, these are a good alternative.

Veggie Delight
Calories: 230
Fat: 2.5 grams
Sodium: 400 grams of sodium.

This is without the cheese. Add the cheese and you add 100 calories, more fat and pretty much “cheese food.”

Since we’re talking about Subway sandwiches, I should tell you that they are not all healthy and certainly become less healthy if you eat a foot-long sandwich as far as calories and bread consumed. The worst offenders are:

6″ meatball marinara
Calories: 580
Fat: 23 grams
Sodium: 1530 grams (nearly a full day’s recommended sodium intake)

6″ Chicken and Bacon Ranch
Calories: 570
Fat: 28 grams
Sodium: 1190 grams

6″ Tuna
Calories: 530
Fat: 30 grams
Sodium: 930 grams

6″ Feast
Calories: 550
Fat: 23 grams
Sodium: 2610 grams (this is more than the daily recommendation for sodium!)

You can look at Subway’s site for more information on the healthiest and most unhealthy sandwiches. They list eight lower calorie/fat sandwiches at the top of the page.

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4 Responses to Commit to Fit Friday! October 22, 2010

  1. And you don’t need a chemistry degree to read those ingredients either! That’s why my favorite crackers will always be Triscuits, which has a similar ingredients list. You go, girl!!

  2. krismoconnor says:

    So funny – cuz I’ve been traveling and sometimes almonds and apples don’t cut it! I must eat out…. Alas, Subway is a pretty good option – I checked their menu lately and was not surprised that the stuff I love is higher in fat, calories and sodium LOL. I personally can’t do the veggie thing, so I would go for the roasted chicken, and yes, always with cheese. I am not a saint!

    Thanks for posting!

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