Greta’s Giveaways Post! (Giveaways I’ve Entered)

I’ve been on a tear lately and have entered a “GRIP” of giveaways lately. I’m doing an experiment to see how much of my Christmas shopping I can do by entering giveaways!! I’ll keep a tally once I win the first one (if I do!)

Here are the giveaways that I entered (and even some ways that you can help us both!).

YogiBand! Me Wants!

YogiBand Headband on Simply Fitting Into Life and My Old Jeans – this headband claims it won’t fall off of my big head. I’d like to test that theory!! I think I could rock this baby pretty well!!

I want that hot bod AND this yoga DVD!!

Exhale Energy Flow Core Fusion Yoga at Simply Fitting Into Life and My Old Jeans – I’ve done other exercise DVDs that have the routines broken into 10-minute sessions, and that works for me mentally, just knowing that I can do 10 minutes or 20 minutes if I feel like it. And I’d like to have that butt, please.

6-pack here I come!

This is what I would buy if I won the $35 gift certificate from that Simply Fitting Into Life and My Old Jeans is giving away right now! I really shy away from ab workouts because, for instance, I can’t do a normal sit up without having my feet under something. I look like a turtle on its back!! It’s embarrassing and I don’t believe it will ever improve. But I would try now. I will!!!

Here’s the one you can help me with. There is a $50 Target Card giveaway on You can enter to win as well and then tell them I sent you! The person who gets the most referrals automatically wins a $25 Target gift certificate! Win-win! I’ve been saying something nice on Twitter about each person who helps me out, so let me know if you tell them I sent you!

A Thrifty 500 Pennies!!

A Thrifty Penny is giving away a $5 Amazon Gift Certificate. This may not seem like a lot of money to some, but to me winning even $5 is a win! She has a cool section called “$5 dinners” with some very creative ideas, so if you can make dinner for $5, it’s worth it to enter a contest for $5. And I do love me my Amazon!

$350 Smackeroos!!!

Salad for Breakfast is giving away THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS!!! Now that would cover lots of Christmas presents!!


Would love to be able to send my Mother-In-Laws something special for Christmas! The $40 1800-Flowers gift certificate that Life, Music & Laughter is giving away would not hurt that cause!

A cuppa Joe!

Another $5 card, but it will buy a coffee and small treat at Starbucks, thanks to Rachel’s giveaways! She’s giving away five $5 Starbucks cards!

That is SERIOUSLY only a few of the giveaways I entered. If you enter any of them, good luck!!!

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3 Responses to Greta’s Giveaways Post! (Giveaways I’ve Entered)

  1. I entered the Target giveaway on your behalf!!!

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