Mamavation Monday October 11, 2010



Bondi Band Hat


It has been a great week! I got into my Weight Watchers groove more or less, but only recorded my food hardcore for 3 days. I still wonder what that is about. So far this week I have exercised 4 of 7 days (running total for this week is 8.5 miles).

Hey Lori! I lost 2 pounds!!

Five Pounds at a Time
I started getting serious this week about getting these last 10-15 pounds off. Leah’s video where she admitted to having gained 10 pounds really got me motivated to lose this weight 5 pounds at a time, and I’ve lost 2! I don’t know if Leah knew that making that video would motivate others, but it has! I’m ready to get down to a lean, mean weight! Now I’m at 137 and I’d be pretty happy to just lose 10 more. BUT I’m 3 pounds from the first 5 pounds! That’s attainable. (And I really want the “I lost 5 pounds with Mamavation” badge!)


The Original Lean, Mean Fighting Machine


I’m also making some changes that were suggested by Pete Cohen’s nutrition plan. No coffee after noon (I think one day this week I had coffee past noon), more herbal tea and water. I also had hot water with lemon in it a couple of mornings this week. I really think limiting the coffee has helped me to sleep better! Thanks, Pete!

Patting Myself on the Back
Even in the past several years since my son was born, I’ve yo-yo’d between 135 and 155. I have taken my measurements at various times during the past few years. I looked at those measurements this past week and realized that since JANUARY, I’ve

LOST 10 INCHES in my WAIST!! (and 18 pounds)

I’m convinced this is partially because of all of the cycling I’ve been doing. It’s just reshaping my body with more of a waist. It’s so comforting to me that I’ve taken off that fat around my belly because I know that’s a risk factor for all sorts of things. Also, it really shows me how far I’ve come and only in 9 months. Really proud and kind of surprised, honestly!

Rachel’s Movement Challenge
Including what I’ll do tomorrow, this week’s total will be 123 minutes of sweat-inducing exercise. I’ll update when I complete. Wondering what the Movement Challenge is? Check it out here on Mamavation.

Sista of the Week
Congratulations to Amanda (@beeacutie2) for Sista of the Week! I love what she said about the sistahood being a “judgment-free zone.” She’s totally right!

Post of the Week
I think it’s obvious that I love Gail (@Its_Gail) from Shrinking Sisters , but there was really no question among the team this week about who would win the very first Post of the Week! Gail Gedan Spencer is a very funny lady. Here is her winning vlog of the week and the link to her full post.

She sings! She dances! She has fun!

Gail — Rachel (@rachelsteffen), Angela (@ninemoremonths), Lisa (@ljenator), Shelley (@Momma_oz), Leah (@bookieboo) and I all agreed that your vlog was the most memorable post from this week.

Thank you so much for making us laugh and for being so uninhibited. You truly rock!

And just for being you, you get a 20-minute session with workout/nutrition guru Pete Cohen! Good job!

We’ll be doing Post and Comment of the Week every week! Keep the awesome posts coming!! 

Commenter of the Week
The winner this week is Kimberly (@ChristLikeMommy) from Christ-Like Mommy. Kimberly consistently comments on posts and leaves great comments. She cares! Kimberly also wins a 20-minute session with the great Pete Cohen (@Pete_Cohen)! Great job, Kimberly! The best thing about you is you’re not trying to leave great comments, you just do!

This isn’t to say that everyone who comments isn’t wonderful!
Just a little more motivation to get it done!

EACH WEEK, the winners will get a 20-MINUTE SESSION with Pete Cohen!

Subway’s Commit to Fit
Here is the link to my Commit to Fit post for yesterday. Lisa (@ljenator) asked, “What does Commit to Fit mean to you and what goal can you set in order to move yourself along the fitness/health track?” Here’s Lisa’s post explaining Commit to Fit. You can see a picture of me 20 pounds heavier there too!

Mamavation Mom Campaign
On Monday, Leah will announce who the five moms are for the campaign! Then we’ll vote from the 11th through the 18th, and the winners will be announced during the Mamavation Twitter party on the 18th! I am so excited for all of the Sistas who have applied! Good luck, ladies. You all deserve it! Check out the Twitter party link for the list of awesome prizes for both Sistas and everyone else!

Goals for This Week

  1. Lose another pound, so I’m at 136. 135 would be even better.
  2. Get my runs in AND my strength training. Didn’t do so well this week with the strength training. (This will work out to be more sweat time too. 120 minutes ain’t enough!)
  3. Write down my food for 5 of 7 days.
  4. Comment on all posts!
  5. Track and report water 4 of 7 days.
  6. Post some contests and giveaways!

Weekly Question: Do you have a goal for the week that might be difficult for you to accomplish? What are you going to do to get through the challenge?

This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by Subway. The prizes on Mamavation TV Monday night will be a green ipod and an i-tunes card!

Have a great week!

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37 Responses to Mamavation Monday October 11, 2010

  1. I love how organized your posts are. I’m still trying to figure my way around wordpress. Thank you so much for organizing the commenting for me and taking charge like that. People like you are really needed here to keep us all going. And Wooo hooo on the two pounds! XXOO

  2. Shelley says:

    GOODBYE 2 Pounds!!! That’s awesome! I love seeing how transformed your body has gotten from bike riding – I love riding my bike with the boys and have been thinking about incorporating more biking into my routine. You are a ROCKSTAR!

  3. I am still so impressed by the 10 inches. That’s incredible. I think it’s so amazing how our bodies change, sometimes without us even realizing it until one day we take a good hard look, or measure and boom! Yummy mummy!

    I know my challenge for the week will be to get my running/sweat inducing workouts in. I did good last week, getting out with the little man 3 times but I need variety. I definitely got my sweat on but I want hard core.

    Thanks for taking up the commenting challenge. You’re doing such a great job with it! We’re so lucky to have you on the leadership team!

    • gretablau says:

      yeah i’m impressed too, i am not even sure how that happened!! ha ha.

      how are you doing with your goal of sweaty running workouts?

  4. Wow, thanks everyone for the Post of the Week honors!

    I was thinking about what to post this Monday. The naked weigh-in photo idea was brave, but nobody needs to see that. Do I do my vlog right now, with a head full of Root Rescue on my scalp? (9 minutes left!) No, probably not.

    I’ll come up with something, but I don’t guarantee dancing.

    And congrats on the weight loss! I’m putting my hands on the monitor right now to see if that rubs off on me.

    • gretablau says:

      ha ha ha. naked weigh in? i don’t think i could do that. maybe with pasties and a thong. NOOOOOO.

      I think you should do the Saturday night fever routine some day! Is there a DVD for that? I’d totally get that.

      I just got serious about my food last week. That’s all it took!


    10 inches! holy cow! that is fantastic! especially from your waist…. that is perfect! because you are right! fat around the middle is associated with SO many health problems! Im super proud of you!

    I am sending good thoughts your way that you’ll be able to track your food more this week! I know it helps, but it’s hard to keep track sometimes! YOU CAN DO IT! here’s to one less pound this time next week!


    • gretablau says:

      well i am such an apple, so i’m not surprised i lost inches in my waist, but TEN!!!???? Wow!!

      Thanks, I haven’t been really great at tracking my food, but not going completely insane either. I still am hoping for a miraculous loss though. I haven’t been under 135 in YEARSSSSS.

  6. Greta, you kick freaking butt. Seriously. I love you. 10 inches, 10 INCHES!!! Wow. Keep it up, and keep insipiring, you make me wanna throw down this laptop and go ride my bike, oh, wait, I don’t have a bike! lol

    Thanks for the honor! I am so excited to talk with Pete. This will be just what the doctor ordered after my colonoscopy this week.

    Big hugs, and thanks again for being you, casue I ❤ her!!

    • gretablau says:

      I love you too baby!! Yeah, 10 inches is crazy.
      Get a bike. You can get them for free or cheap on craigslist. I am telling you, my waist is smaller than it was before when I weighed the same.

      Make sure you contact Pete with your info!!!

  7. Greta! 10 inches. *handing you your wonder woman cape* That’s amazing! I can’t tell you how inspired I am by your dedication to a healthy/active lifestyle.

    I’ve gone back and forth about tracking my food, I definitely could do it but I’m lazy. I need to start small.

    • gretablau says:

      hey my little fit friend!! i love exercise and it’s something i need to do for my brain as well as my body. thank you!!! if you want to lose, tracking is the best way to do it. it’s not easy for sure.

      hope you’re doing well today!

  8. Amanda @beeacutie2 says:

    hello 2lbs that are gone I know they will stay away! woo hoo! I am so excited for you and I know that you will make yout goal! You have inspired me to take up biking again after thsi baby is born!

  9. 10 lbs off your waist totally impresses me!! What a difference that must make in how you feel!! And yay for 2 lbs gone!

    I used to do the hot water with lemon first thing in the morning – I wonder what got me out of that habit? Hmmm…. Might have to revisit that!

    Have an awesome week, Greta! You rock!

    • gretablau says:

      yes it is a huge difference!! i got rid of those rolls, though there is still kind of one there or two. ha ha.

      have a great week!!

  10. You are amazing! I got a chuckle when I read your LOUD shout out to Lori about your weight loss. I don’t think she will miss that one! 🙂

    I too love how organized your posts are… you are an amazing woman and so inspiring! Do you have any before pictures (10 inch waist and 18 lbs) to compare your buff and tough self to? 🙂

  11. Congrats on your 2lb loss and huge thanks for putting it big and in bold for me! 😉 You are a rock star!

  12. Absolutely amazing about the 10 inches and the 2 pounds!!! YAY!!!

    You are so amazing with how much support you lend to everyone and how you motivate everyone to keep commenting.

    Also, I swear, I am going to have to start training for dualathon and tris with you! You are getting a SMOKIN’ body with all that extra training you have been doing!!

    Have a great week and stay fabulous!

    • gretablau says:

      hey thanks scarlett!! i hope you do train for those. it’s hard but it’ll be fun someday. not fun for me yet. ha ha.

  13. kia says:

    Great job on those two pounds. It is much harder/slower for people that are so close to their goal weight to cruise down to it. Just remember your baby steps and strive for consistency even in the face of plateaus.

    My goal this week, get through my 1/2 marathon even though I am not as prepped as I would have liked.

  14. Such an amazing week!! So happy for your two pound loss and TEN inches. VERY inspirational!!

  15. I don’t know what happened to my comment, but I’m sad I lost it because it was good!

    First of all, only two things are branded in my mind after this post…

    1. 10 inches from your waste – O.0 YOU GO GIRL!! 🙂
    2. Pete… Pete.. Pete.. WOWZA! Pete…

    *le sigh*

    Super proud of your loss this week! You go with the whole big bold Lori shout out up there! HAHA I totally had to giggle!



  16. Carrie Symes says:

    WOW! You are totally freaking awesome!! You are so rocking this!

  17. mkopp1 says:

    Buh Bye 2 pounds!!! And 10 inches lost in the waist! You power house you! That’s awesome! So happy for you!

  18. Julie M says:

    Greta how amazing you don’t look like you ever had 10 inches to lose that is wonderful and way to go on 2 lbs down!! You are such a rockstar!!

    Journaling my food is so hard, I want to be too precise sometimes and that makes me give up. One of these days it will become a habit. maybe. lol

    thanks for all your encouraging words. You really are the comment warrior!!

  19. Way to go Greta – you’re doing awesome and I bet you’ll reach your goals in no time!

  20. Shannon says:

    Wow!! 10 inches!! How amazing. Congrats on you weight loss as well. You are doing fantastic. Share your secrets with me 😉

    I too LOVE the layout of your post. I need to work on how mine is done. I struggle with my blog as much I do with my weight. UGH.

  21. colleen says:

    congrats on your loss! Even bigger congrats on all those inches you are down…being so close to your goal weight it has to be great to see that you are totally toning up by losing all those inches!

  22. Congrats on the 2 pounds!!! that is my goal this week.
    There are a ton of challenges I face to reach that goal…. but most of them start in my own mind! Changing my old patterns is the key. I am working on it.
    You have great goals this week and you are just the amazing woman to reach them all!!! Thanks for all the support

  23. Congrats on the 2 pound loss! I think it’s really great how biking has changed your body. It goes to show everyone that we are never “stuck” with our body shape. There really are ways to change it. (Without going into surgery, that is.)

    Have a great week, and good luck on your goals!

  24. woohoo!! you rock girlie! you are such a motivator! Congrats on all the weight loss and the inches!!!!! Now if I could just lose those inches in my waist!! woohoo!! 🙂

  25. lorrie says:

    congrats on the weight loss and i hope that your week is great this week love you determination and motivation keep it up

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