Commit to Fit Friday Play Along!

A few weeks back Lisa (@ljenator), Leah (@bookieboo) and Rachel (@Rachel_L) got to go to NYC and run in Central Park with Jared Fogle, the Subway guy and Meb Keflezighi, 2004 Olympic Silver medalist and winner of last year’s NYC Marathon. Jared is training to run the marathon in NYC this year. The run was part of Subway’s Commit to Fit campaign. Here’s a video the ladies made about the run. The campaign is all about goal setting and commitment to a healthy lifestyle, including good nutrition and exercise.

Each Friday, Lisa will post a question on her blog for us to answer on our blogs. I’m going to do mine on Fridays because my Monday posts are already long enough. Subway will be giving out prizes! Some weeks I will post on Monday or Tuesday in order to play along with Rachel’s on her site, Following in My Shoes.

Question of the week: What does Commit to Fit mean to you?  Then, I’d like for you to go a step further and actually COMMIT to something!


Jim and Greta 2003


[Just for background, over the past 10 years, I’ve weighed 185 at the highest when not pregnant, 208 pregnant and now since January I’ve lost 10 inches in my waist and 16 pounds and I’m now 139. I know what it’s like to be unfit and unhealthy and I know what it’s like to be more fit and healthy. I also know what a commitment it is. The pic to the left is me at my wedding, about 20 pounds heavier than I am now. You can click on it for a larger view. Click here for more before and after photos.]

(Sorry in advance for the novel)

For me Commit2Fit means that

A) It’s not easy. You have to commit to it. We’re all acknowledging and accepting that.

B) Fitness has to include exercise. I love that Subway is focusing on this and I think it’s great that Jared is a model of a normal person who lost a lot of weight and who has to work at it always, and like he said, he’ll always love food and always have to work on keeping fit. The fact that he’s doing what a lot of us in the Sistahood are doing, keeping active an recommitting to get and stay fit, is just perfect! I love that Subway is promoting HEALTHY LIVING not a quick fix/liquid/raw/pill/etc diet. It’s reality.

C) You don’t have to be skinny to be fit. Like Jared said, he is only doing one marathon. He isn’t Michael Phelps, but he’s challenging his body, the one he was born with the only one he has, to do the marathon. It’s about tenacity, inner strength and … tada! commitment.

I struggled up and down with weight my whole life and I’ve found that the only thing that has worked and is working for me now is to stay active, and also for me that means competing in events. Not competing with anyone else at this point because I’m slow, but really with myself.

Right now my commitment to becoming a real runner, running faster, getting reasonable times on 5Ks and duathlons and hopefully doing a triathlon next year. I also want to get down to the 120s because I feel like that will make me more competitive (in fact I said “I’m recommitting” to nutrition on my blog last week!!).

I am committed to training for 18 weeks in order to lower my 5K time from 37 min to under 30 minutes. I have a training plan from Janice, the Fitness Cheerleader, where I have to run or do other activities for 6 days a week and I’m coming to the end of week 1. I’ve done 4/6 workouts and I want to do better.

I’m also committed to getting other people moving. I already recommend the Couch-to-5K plan about 100 times a week, and I hope that because I’m so enthusiastic about exercise that maybe it will rub off on other people and help them make their own commitment to being healthy.

My husband compares me to the “I’m fifty, and I can KICK” lady from the Saturday Night Live skit.  I love that character, and if I’m a crazy, fit 50-year-old in 8 years, you can bet I’ll be showing everyone how I can kick too!

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