Mamavation Monday October 4, 2010!

Duathlon DONE!
Well, I did it. I completed the duathlon. I am so [insert expletive] happy it’s over. I forgot my Garmin and really felt lost without it. I think I would have pushed myself further WITH it. At any rate, something to shoot for to beat next year, which will be EASY. I’ll post a pic when they are posted on the professional site.

My times. I am not thrilled with them, but here they are. I am posting these because I want to keep it real. I am at this point where I can’t run fast. It’s okay. I’m still a good person. Ha ha. It’s funny that I need to tell myself that. And I will kick the ass off that duathlon next year.

1st 2-mile run: 25:56 (SLOW!)
1st Transition: 2:07
Bike 12 miles: 48:23 (wanted 45:00 but I’m good with this)
2nd Transition: 1:59
2nd 2-mile run: 30:31 (slow as molasses and I was actually NOT walking! Ha ha)

Final Time: 1:48.59
Placement: 311 of 337
Age Group Placement: 19/20
Age Group Placement Bike: 13/20 (at least I did better in that event)

I know. I need to work on patting myself on the back, giving myself credit for what I HAVE done. Working on that. Moving on…

What’s Next?
This past week I asked Janice (@fitnesscheerldr) at Fitness Cheerleader how I can become a better runner. She gave me a great plan that will get me to kicking my 5K time’s slow ass in 18 weeks. I am hoping Steph (@fitmomtraining) from Fit Mom in Training will be joining me! Here is the plan. So the first part of the plan is here. It’s an 8-week novice 10K preparation training that will build my endurance, which is the first step of Janice’s plan. It has me doing 5.5-mile-long runs at the end of 8 weeks!

I have made a calendar on the wall to track my workouts for the next 5 weeks. I really need a camera, but for now here’s the pic I took with my cell.

Comment Warrior News
It has been difficult for a lot of you to get all of the comments in during the week, and seriously, I don’t blame you. There are so many posts that it’s overwhelming. Because of this, the Comment Team has been formed to help me help you to remember to try to get more comments in.

The Team!
Lisa (@ljenator)
Shelley (@Momma_oz)
Angela (@ninemoremonths)
Rachel S (@rachelsteffen).

These fine ladies will be commenting on all of the posts and getting the word out on Twitter about everyone’s posts.

We will also be choosing a commenter of the week and post of the week each Friday. You don’t really win anything except recognition right now.What are we looking for?

For commenters – You don’t even have to comment on every single post, just make your comments personal and reflective of having read the post. Many people would rather have 2 thoughtful comments than 20 generic ones. I know, sometimes there is nothing that comes to mind. It EVEN HAPPENS TO ME. Ha ha. You can’t force yourself.

For post of the week – I think what is being looked for is someone who is real and putting themselves out for the world to see. Think Leah’s “I gained weight” vlog. The team will read all of the posts each week and we will recommend 3 to Leah (@bookieboo) to choose from for post of the week.

Both will be announced in each of the team’s following Monday posts! I am really excited to give you guys recognition! Maybe in the future there will be a prize too! (addendum – there WILL be prizes, just not sure what yet. Get to commenting!)

Mamavation Sista of the Week
Congrats to Shelley (@Momma_oz) from Life, Love and the Pursuit of a Smaller Waistline for SOTW!! She totally deserve it, and not because she gets flowers painted on her big toes like I do when I get a pedicure. She’s motivated and enthusiastic, a great combo!

Subway, Jared and Commit to Fit Campaign
I love this whole campaign because it’s about being real about weight loss, keeping weight off, eating right and exercising. Jared from Subway gained some weight, so he’s training for the NYC Marathon in order to focus again on fitness! We all know how hard this is—the weight loss, learning about food, exercising, keeping motivated—and that it’s a lifelong pursuit. I love that Subway is encouraging exercise now too. Great stuff. They are also a new sponsor for Mamavation and someone will win a $25 gift certificate to Subway tonight on Mamavation TV! I hope it’s me. Greedy greedy little me. Hey, I eat there once a week most weeks!

Nutrition and Weight Loss
I mentioned Leah’s vlog from this past week where she talked about needing to lose 10 pounds that crept on over the summer (is “crept” even a word?) and about just recommitting herself to getting those 10 pounds off 5 at a time. I have been trying to lose the last 13 pounds since joining the Sistahood! I’ve definitely accomplished some things, including the 5K and the duathlon, but I need to get real with my food intake again.

I started tracking again on Weight Watchers today and I’m combining that with Pete Cohen’s Nutrition Program. I do like Weight Watchers and it works, but I like Pete’s plan too because it’s more informative and individualized. Hence the combining. I want to also get these last (now 15) pounds off 5 at a time. Officially recommitting and hope to be able to post a loss here next week!

Hope you all have a great week.

Question of the week: What can you do right now to recommit yourself to a healthy lifestyle?

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28 Responses to Mamavation Monday October 4, 2010!

  1. Shell says:

    Seriously, what’s the point of getting a pedi withOUT flowers?! I’m so proud of your duathlon! And Pete’s nutritional plan is awesome! Kudos to you for implementing it! U r gonna do great! Good luck this week!

    • gretablau says:

      yeah, it’s funny. my friend first showed me to do that like 10 years ago. she did it because her mother would go with her and do it, but her mother died. so she still does it and now i do it and think of her mother.

      i’m excited to see if i can get these final pounds off with the combo of pete and ww. thanks!!

    • gretablau says:

      Thank you!!!

  2. LOVE you! You are doing awesome… and way to go with finishing and completing the duathalon!! You rock!

    I would love to help out with the comment team… if you still need people. 🙂

    What am I doing to recommit 2 healthy living? I am doing my best to stay AWAY from the chocolate and cookies… to not drink that tasty fizzy drink and to eat more ‘clean’. One day at a time my friend… one day at a time. 🙂

    Looking forward to following your progress with the training!! You can do it!! 🙂

    • gretablau says:

      Thanks! I was going to not post my times, but I just added them. I need to just be where I am and do what I can to improve it. I can’t figure out why the first run was so slow. I think maybe I didn’t warm up enough maybe? Also, didnt’ have my Garmin so had NO idea how fast I was going.

      Yes, comment team! You’re on!

      I realized I might need to step away from the sweets a little. I ate this huge “whoopie pie” thing yesterday. It was crazy. I think it’s fine to indulge every so often, but I didn’t think twice about eating this monster cookie/cake thing!

      I really really appreciate all of your help as a fellow runner and as an enthusiastic supporter!! Thank you!

  3. I know it stinks to not place very high, but you should be so proud of yourself for just doing it in the first place! Plus, now you have a clear goal on what you want to improve on for next time, right?

    I need to start a running plan as well. I tried starting couch to 5K a few months ago and when I couldn’t even last the first day I was pretty discouraged. I am hoping to try again when the weather clears up.

    I would love to be on your comment team if you need more people. I love supporting other people’s awesome posts! Have a great week, and I’ll see you at Mamavation TV. 🙂

  4. I love the white board to track stuff. I hope one of these days to see myself doing something like this and stop holding my kids as my excuse for not getting into it.

    • gretablau says:

      you can totally do it. i mean, it also matters how much support you have. when you get the time to do it, i’m here to help.

  5. At least you did it!! Thats a huge accomplishment!! Congrats!!!

  6. So happy you finished your duathlon! So proud of you! And don’t worry about the time. You did great! Be proud of those times. Now you know you can do it, so you can focus on how to do it better next time!
    I’m in on the running program. Just have to plan out the training days. We’ll be rockin’ and rollin’ these races girl!

  7. randomrebecca says:

    You did it! That’s more than A LOT of people could say, AMAZING!

    I love the idea of the calendar on the wall…. I might have to steal that when I get into a more serious training plan, rather than just walking/runiing every day.

    What can I do right now? Raise my glass of water and drink, my friend! 😀

    • gretablau says:

      thanks!! yeah it helps because then i don’t have to open a document or anything and i can cross it off, which feels REALLY good!!

  8. Leah @bookieboo says:

    Thanks for recommending my vlog. That took some courage, but in the end my instincts were correct–better to be open about my lifestyle as ur leader.

    I love how our new commenting team is looking. Fingers crossed that we can make this manageable for everyone!! Xxoo

  9. April says:

    wooohooo way to go on the duathlon, and training for the 5k! you can do this! 🙂 personally, I think you are making great timing!! it takes me 20 minutes to jog 1 mile because I can’t jog much faster than I can brisk walk. haha but I will get there! a 3 mile walk/jog takes me over an hr! So to me, you are doing AWESOME!!
    Keep it up girlie! 🙂 you are a true inspiration to me!

    • gretablau says:

      You know what? I really appreciate you putting that into perspective for me. And you will get faster too if that is important to you. I can’t wait to follow your progress! Thanks for letting me know that i need to chill!!

  10. Rachel says:

    Ok, I get “why” you’re disappointed in your times but do you know how much AWE I feel toward you right now that you completed this? HOLY CRAP — I can’t even IMAGINE!

    Love that you’ve sought advice to improve your running; I need to talk to Janice; I am running a 5K in January and I am NOT a runner (as I think I’ve made perfectly clear time and time again).

    So glad the comment team has formed — I hope this helps make sure everyone receives support!

    • gretablau says:

      Yes talk to Janice! Also check out the Couch to 5K. It really works! Give yourself more than 8 weeks to train though.

      Thank you for your awe!! It does help! I have to think about where I was 10 months ago. Thank you!!!!!

  11. pauline says:

    I am in awe of anyone who runs. It’s never been my thing, but i think that’s because i was always huge on top and self conscious so I stuck to walking and anything else that didn’t make the girls hop all up in my face.
    I like the commenting team thing, and I’m not sure about anyone else but the easiest thing for me to do is open new tabs for everyone who comments on my blog and rrturn the favor. And yes, personalization is key.
    Good luck with your goals and keep going. You are kicking some serious booty.

    • gretablau says:

      hey i’m pretty big on top too. all you need is a great sports bra. some women wear two! And you deserve to move just like anyone does, you know? I think it’s a good idea to comment on those who comment on yours first. good idea I’m totally going to do that now.

  12. lorrie says:

    Sometimes i put the generic hope you have a good week cause i can’t think of anything to say or can’t relate to what they are mentioning cause im not a mom etc.

    good luck with your running schedule and i think your calender is neat have fun

    • gretablau says:

      oh yeah, i mean sometimes, there is nothing you relate to in a post or you’re just busy. it’s really okay but just not what we’re focusing on in the team

  13. kia says:

    Greta I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!! You may have wanted to do better but you did an outstanding job. You did not give yourself that long of a training period for this event but you did it and did it with grace even if you feel it was slow grace. And bam, you are working with your plan to improve for your next event. I LURVE IT!

    • gretablau says:

      Aw thank you!!! I really feel the love!! I will do it again next year. Maybe we can make it a Mamavation event!! Oct 2011. I really appreciate your support and encouragement!!

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