Mamavation Monday — September 19

Well, my husband and I had our first kiss 11 years ago today. Crazy. We reenacted it as soon as I saw my calendar pop up. It was a very funny first kiss, and we’re still going strong! He’s a patient, loving husband and really the best dad in the world. I’m really lucky.

A lot going on this week. I’ll try to keep it brief, but I think you know that’s hard for me. Ha ha.

Hardworking feeties!

Training for Duathlon
I’ve been training my ASS off for this thing. Here’s what I did so far this week:

Monday – Off
Tuesday – Run 40 flat – DONE!
Wednesday – Bike 60, run 20 min (easy), PT appt. DONE!
Thursday – Off /stretching
Friday – Run 20, bike 30, run 10, PT exercises DONE!
Saturday – Run 35 min DONE! 3.06 miles

Today I will bike 75 and do PT exercises (DONE). Next week is my last intense training week, and then I taper. Here’s the plan for this week:

Monday – Off/PT exercises & stretching
Tuesday – Run 45 (hills for 15 min) DONE!! I didn’t stop!
Wednesday – Bike 70, run 10 (no intervals)
Thursday – Off/PT exercises/yoga
Friday – Run 10, Bike 40, Run 15
Saturday – Run 50 (no intervals), PT exercises
Sunday – Bike 90, run 15 (very easy) — I’ll be in NYC this day for an event and I’ll be riding/running the course just so I know what I’m up against!

Garmin Forerunner 305

So, I’m excited to have been really good about getting my training done. I now know I can finish the duathlon/biathlon (I thought this was shooting and skiing, but it seems the terms are used interchangeably), so I’m nervous but also kind of excited too!

And I LOVE MY GARMIN Forerunner 305!!!! I love it. It is so cool!! I highly recommend it. Heart rate monitoring, GPS so you don’t have to go home and map it out, laps, savable courses, and so much more. I’m really excited to take my training to the next level!

Kale, kale and more kale!!

Weight loss/Nutrition—Pete Cohen Nutrition
For me, it’s sooo easy to eat WAY more than I should after a really hard workout. I did one workout last week where I burned 1100 calories, so I proceeded to eat probably more than 1100 calories afterward. I need to get my shit together, basically. At the same time, I happened to get a chance to look at Pete Cohen’s Nutrition site and joined for 3 months. It is SO extensive. The quiz before you join is TWENTY pages and once you join you get another 20 pages of your plan. It’s very specific. For instance, I need to eat kale, pumpkin seeds and shitake mushrooms and I need to incorporate mint, fennel and horseradish into my diet. Not only does Pete tell us what we need in our diets (or in our lives as far as stress relief and sleep go), he tells us WHY. That’s important to know!

Nom nom nom pumpkin seeds!

I have “a lot” of room for improvement. It’s a wake up call. I am going to start paying attention to his plan! I will report back next week, but I’m sending my husband and son to the store to get me a ton o’ produce today!

I’m sure there is so much more. I have tons of stuff to review/give away, and I may not be able to do that until I get back from the duathlon the week of October 4.

Subway Jared!

Jared, Leah, Lisa and Rachel—Oh my!
I’m so excited/incredibly envious of Leah (@bookieboo), Lisa (@ljenator) and Rachel (@Rachel_L). They get to go to NYC and run in Central Park with Jared from Subway! I think this other guy will be there too—he won something called the NYC Marathon last year.  The thing that is so cool about this is that these three decided to do something great for themselves and their families and it has led HERE. So cool. You guys deserve this so much! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Also, want to congratulate @PamelaSKramer for being Sista of the Week! Woot! You have been an inspiration and you’ve shown me there are other ways to torture my body. I’ll be doing that Spartan Race next year for sure! I will! I will!

Mamavation TV tonight will be starring our NYC chicks. They will be giddy because their run with Jared is on Tuesday morning. I would love to win the gift certificate for our new sponsor! Guess who. Subway! Yes, I won Chef’s Requested last week, but I’ll be giving them to my mom since I’m veggie, so gimme! Ha. Greedy little thing.

Heart collage by ba1969 on
Kale photo by Ayla87 on
Pumpkin seed photo by stockdot on

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26 Responses to Mamavation Monday — September 19

  1. Best wishes for the dualathon!

    You have been training your butt off! Sheesh just reading your activity/training has made me tired and sore!

    Pumpkin seeds are one of my fav quick snacks. Even cooler – right now you could easily find an organic pumpkin and make your own pumpkin seeds! Or buy them at an organic grocery store like I generally do haha

    Have a great week and don’t train too hard!

    • Greta says:

      Thank you!! Ha ha.
      I am totally going to roast my own seeds and then look for some at a store as well so I can bake with them and figure out other ways to incorporate them into my diet. They didnt’ have them at the regular store, so I’ll have to go to the health food store.

      one more week of hard training and then I taper. Today, I’m feeling a little ill, but my husband took the day off so I can recuperate. Some aches and pains too I’m a mess today!!

  2. I can’t believe it’s so close!! And just look at how much your running has improved! Sick girl! Just sick!

    Isn’t the Gramin fan-freakin’-tastic?! Once I get a few more runs in, I’m going to program it so I’m racing against my personal best distance time. It’s just so cool!

    • Greta says:

      It has improved, I’m just hoping it will improve a LOT more!! ha ha. Never enough!! I think my 5K will probably be at least 3-4 minutes faster on Halloween. I hope so!! I absolutely am in LOVE with my Garmin. I haven’t figured out a lot of the features, but I will ask my husband to look at it with me when we have time. I just love working out and coming back to plug it in to see what I’ve done. Also, I think it will help me in the 5K just because I will be able to track my pace. Exciting!

  3. CJ @CJinKY says:

    Wow…I’m pretty sure I would die if I did your training. Actually, I know I would…because I feel like dying after jogging for 10 minutes.

    Keep rocking it! It looks like you’re doing a great job!

    • Greta says:

      Well I just started running again in July, so you could totally do it if you do it slowly. I couldn’t run 10 min at once at first! Thank you for your encouragement!!

  4. Great training this week & I know you’ll rock next week’s as well! You’re going to kick some serious duathlon butt in 2 weeks!

    • Greta says:

      Thanks for all of your advice!! I’ll be asking you about speeding up my 5K times too on Halloween. Do I take a break after the duathlon or can I just start training for the 5K that’ll be like 4 weeks later?

  5. You are awesome!!! 🙂
    You are going to do great at the dualathon!
    About 6 years ago, I went from couch potato to finishing a marathon. I lost several toe nails in the process! My time stunk but I finished! And the medal made it all worth it!

    • Greta says:

      That is so cool. Who cares if your time stunk!! Not many people can say they did a marathon let alone had the balls enough to try it!! I dont’ know that I could ever do that. That’s really cool.

  6. Laila says:

    Your schedule and commitment is amazing! Hats off to you chica and your feet are the hardest working feet i know,lol. Thanks for the info on Pete’s site, I will check it out, I need help with my nutrition. I keep hearing about Kale but haven’t tried it yet.

    Hope you have a great week!

    • Greta says:

      Ha ha. I love that picture for some reason. I used to love getting all muddy playing soccer too. Hee. Kale is good but you have to cook it enough and the right way!

  7. Geesh lady! You’re doing so much! Great work!

  8. Leah @bookieboo says:

    What are u going to be in NYC for?

  9. mkopp1 says:

    Hey! Great job this week with your training! You have been doing so good with all the biking and running, I can’t wait to hear how you do for the Durathon! I am going to have to check out Pete Cohen’s plan a little closer. I love pumpkin seeds, especially this time of year. I have a great soup recipe that uses Kale. DM me on twitter if interested (@mkopp1). Have a great week!!

    • Greta says:

      Thank you!! I will report back to you guys once it’s done!! Will try to post a pic at least. Oh, if you want, you could post that Kale recipe here.

      Also – the pete cohen plan I’m talking about is the nutrition plan. Not sure if it’s part of the other one.

  10. mozzie76 says:

    Kudos on the Duathlon training! That’s AWESOME! Also, As soon as I get home I’ll be checking out the Pete Cohen site because I can use all the information I can get… After eating poorly for the last 34 years I definitely need to know what I SHOULD be eating. Can’t wait to hear how it all goes for you in your future posts!

    You are awesome and inspiring! Congrats on the last 11 years with your husband as well – sounds like you found an AMAZING guy and they are definitely few and far between.

    • Greta says:

      Thank you!! yeah. I do not eat enough greens or other veggies and fruits, drink too much coffee and not enough water, need more vitamins of all shapes and sizes/ the list goes on!!

  11. kia says:

    You have been training your ass off for this duathlon! I am very proud of you and the work you have been putting towards it. Thanks for the mention of Pete’s program. I have not activated it yet and have been hesitant since I have been doing well with what I have been doing. I should check it out for kicks though, everyone seems to love it.

    • Greta says:

      Thank you thank you! I’m already thinking ahead to after the duathlon and my training for the Oct 31 5K. I want to do it at least 2-3 minutes faster than the one I did on Labor Day so get that thinking cap on!! : )

      The Pete Cohen thing I’m talking about is the Nutrition program (or as he says, programme. Tee hee.) I haven’t activated the other one either, but this one is completely about nutrition. It’s very interesting. I need to get my shit together big time on my eating. Not for weight loss. just for health.

  12. lorrie says:

    good luck with your event and hope that you are doing great. great job with the workouts. I walk the whole 5k, didn’t know there was training involved usually i get there and walk and hope for a good time

  13. You are kicking butt and taking names with that training, girl!! Awesome! I’m so glad you looked into a nutrition plan. I have to be careful with those due to food allergies (not severe, just unusual, ya know?)

    You are rockin’ – keep it up!

  14. Amanda O says:

    you are doing so well! I love how you are always going and trying to get eveyrone else around you active. Thank you for being such an amazing women!

  15. Take care of those feet! Soak them and pamper them too. They gotta get you around. I’m excited for you. Good luck this week.

  16. krismoconnor says:

    OMG! A 1100 workout??????? You are STRONG! I did one and my watch said 550 – I was super stoked.

    Hmmmmmmmm – a bit at a time, eh? Good luck with your training and event!

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