Born of Earth Rocks!! Spa Finder Deal Days Review

Awesome pedi from Born of the Earth in Westport!

Next week is SpaFinder Deal Days! I had a wonderful pedicure last night at Born of Earth in Westport, one of the Connecticut spas that is participating. Janeth, the nail technician, was cool. We talked about our kids and how a good man is hard to find—we’ve both found one for the record.

My jock feet are so spiffed up and clean! Janeth picked some crazy stuff out of my feet. I kept apologizing, but she assured me that it seemed like I took good care of my feet. She’s awfully sweet. At any rate, after all of the scraping, scrubbing and picking, Janeth scrubbed my feet and calves down with some very nice smelling orange salty stuff and then massaged my legs and feet with some cream. It was so nice and relaxing given that I’ve been pounding on my poor body the past couple of weeks in preparation for the biathlon in Central Park on October 3.

I really can’t stop looking at my feet!!

The owner of the salon is David Gerard, a very friendly and enthusiastic person. He is in the process of an entire redesign, with a “mood board” in the lobby of the spa. There is also an extensive selection of Aveda, Essie, Murad and Cosmedics products displayed. I’ve decided that my mini-present to myself for finishing the duathlon will be a small Aveda splurge. Just the smell of that stuff makes me feel like I’m in a spa.

So back to Spa Finder Deal Days, otherwise known as “Wellness Week.” David and his staff are offering the pedicure I was treated to for $30 (regularly $45), $10 manicures (regularly $20), $50 massages and $50 facials. The dates for these specials are September 20-26. The spa also offers all of the other treatments you’ll find in other spas.

If you’re not in Connecticut, you can go here and search for participating spas near you! Some of them are offering treatments for 50% off, so if you have been thinking about treating yourself, now is the time!!

David and Janeth

Disclosure: I did not pay Born of Earth for the pedicure, however I can’t be bought for the cost of a pedicure. Maybe a pedicure and a shitload of Aveda products, but alas. Have a nice day!

Also, note the really gnarly bruise on my right foot. I deserved this pedicure. Well, my feet did, at least.

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3 Responses to Born of Earth Rocks!! Spa Finder Deal Days Review

  1. Rachel says:

    Nicely painted toes! Was the first toe picture from after your BRICK? 😛

  2. gretablau says:

    The first one was from my long run on Sunday! I run in a dirt path and I guess it leaks into my shoes. Last night I reviewed a local spa, so that’s my after. Review to come but I just love the contrast!

  3. mozzie76 says:

    Love getting a pedi… such a joy to pamper yourself. 🙂

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