Duathlon Training!!

I’m putting my training plan on here so I can have it in one place. May or may not record each workout as I go, but thinking it’s a good idea, maybe weekly. Thank you to everyone who had input on my training! Any advice is welcome!! Keep me honest, people! Here is the map for the Central Park duathlon!

Oh and I bought one of these babies to help me get to the next level! Woot!

Week 1 September 6, 2010
Monday – Ran 36 min Workout done!
Tuesday – Biked 41 min easy to medium
Workout done!
Wednesday – off/yoga/physical therapy
Thursday – Bike 80 45 min, steady path with 5-7 intervals of 15 sec ea w/1-2 min rest in between (argh, only able to do 45 minutes due to sun setting earlier, doh!) (also did Post Athletic Stretch Routine for Cycling by Yoga Tune Up) Workout sort of done!
FridayOff/stretching/physical therapy
SaturdayRun 35 min speed work (steep hill, 5 min warm up, sprint up and down hill for 15 min., easy run for 15 min.) Did Post Athletic Stretch for Running by Yoga Tune Up. Holy mother of god that was rough. I lost count running up and down the hill. Heart rate sucks. Want to get an inhaler that doesn’t make my hr shoot up, so I know whether I’m actually getting fitter. Had to stop running at the end for about 1 min. Lots of room for improvement!! Workout done!
Sunday – Bike 75 min, intervals on flat road, increase time to 20 sec, 5-7 times, 1-2 min rest between

Week 2 Sept 13
Monday – Off/yoga, PT exercises
Tuesday – Run 40 flat, PT exercises
Wednesday – Bike 60, run 20 min (easy), PT appt.
Thursday – Off/yoga or stretching
Friday – Run 20, bike 30, run 10
Saturday – Run 35 min, hills (try to increase # times up and down from last week)
Sunday – Bike 75

Week 3 Sept 20
Monday – Off/PT exercises & stretching
Tuesday – Run 45 (hills, try to increase from last week # times)
Wednesday – Bike 70, run 10 (no intervals)
Thursday – Off/PT exercises/yoga
Friday – Run 10, Bike 40, Run 15
Saturday – Run 50 (no intervals), PT exercises
Sunday – Bike 90, run 15 (very easy)

Week 4 Sept 27 – TAPER!! race week
Monday – Off/PT exercises/yoga
– Bike 40
– Run 20/PT exercises
– Off
– Bike 20 min very easy, walk for 10 min, easy run for 5 and walk 5 min
Saturday – Off/PT exercises
Sunday – Run 2 miles, Bike 12 miles, Run 2 miles — VICTORY!

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2 Responses to Duathlon Training!!

  1. Tameika says:

    You can do it! And good for you for keeping yourself accountable!

  2. Rachel says:

    You go girl!! 🙂

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