Mamavation Monday—August 30, 2010

This was a GREAT week! I’m really glad to be able to finally write those words. My updates:

OMG, go to physical therapy if you have an injury! In 2 weeks the pain has nearly disappeared. We still have a way to go, but (until I decided to play badminton and do too many downward facing dogs) I have been sleeping through the night without taking any kind of pain meds!

I have gotten up to 25 minutes of running doing the Couch to 5K program, with NO INJURIES! This is totally the way to go for me. The 5K I’m doing is on Labor Day, so we’ll see if I can run the whole thing, but I’m feeling pretty good about my progress.

Since I had gained a bunch, my first week back on Weight Watchers I lost 3 pounds!! Total lost since I started in May is 12 pounds! I have been stuck at 12 pounds for a while, but I’m good with this week’s progress. I’m not sure if my final goal is still 124, but I would REALLY like to lose another 10 pounds, which would put me around 127. Fighting weight! I stuck to Weight Watchers very well for about 5 of 7 days. I’m good with that too! The way my week was, I could live like that for life. Being perfect about everything, I couldn’t.

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing,
is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work
of becoming yourself.” — Anna Quindlen

Other Exercise
I ran 2-3 times, walked one day and did yoga one day. I will run again today. Feeling great! The yoga DVD was called Vibrational Yoga and I’ll be selling it on my OpenSky store! Awesome DVD. The walk, I took with my husband and son and it was really really nice to do that as a family. We are going to invest in a used jogging stroller so we can do more of that together. Oh, and soccer! Starts on September 14. I won’t be playing this early because of my shoulder, but I’m so excited to be on the roster!

My OpenSky Shop!
I’m so excited to be working with some of my partners! I’m sipping some Fitness Coffee right now and I’ve got two bags to give away! Look for the giveaway soon! Also, just added the Vibrational Yoga DVD. Rave reviews. I can feel it in my legs today! Great workout. Click here to see my review. You can check out these and the cool notebooks from This Is It! Creations on my OpenSky shop here.  I think all of these together or separately would make a great gift for an active woman. Also, I want to make it clear that I am not selling anything in my store that I haven’t checked out and reviewed myself. Look for the Fitness Coffee review later today! I am also waiting on some more yummy samples to review and put on my store!

Have I told you Mamavation Moms how glad I am that we met and how much having your support and supporting you is helping me? Thank you!

Congrats to Janice, @fitcheerldr, sista of the week! She is always very helpful in answering fitness questions, she’s a warrior pregnant woman, and she’s a PPD survivor like I am!

Congrats to @jennydecki and @ljenator for finishing the Mamavation program!! You two rock and you’re both sweet, funny, kick ass ladies whom I’m glad to have met! See you tomorrow night! Have the comedy ready for the after show. Maybe I can get on camera for that!

Oh, I just remembered. I think about 4 of 7 days I drank 60-80 oz. of water! Yay, Me!

OK so tell me. Should I do a vlog right after I finish the 5K next week? Who wants a shout out? I’ll give you one! I swear I will!

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20 Responses to Mamavation Monday—August 30, 2010

  1. YAY @ shoulder pain be gone,lol. I’m glad you are getting relief through PT.
    Once again I am thinking about Weight Watchers, I just am trying to save money so I may have to figure out another way to adopt that program.
    And I would LOVE a shout out on the Vlog! Can’t wait. 🙂

    • gretablau says:

      Thanks, Laila! Shout out you will get! if you want me to look up points for you, i can. You’d just have to figure out how many you get each day. It is set by whatever weight you are at the moment.

  2. YES!! I want a post 5K vlog! You can totally give a shout out to me (and my vanity LOL!) I’m so excited that you’re running for 25 minutes! That’s so, so, so awesome. You are going to conquer that 5K!

    Not gonna lie…That Yoga title had me looking twice…but that’s just my inner 12 year old boy talking!

    • gretablau says:

      Ha ha. it seems like i’m surrounded by other 12-year-old boys! No surprise.
      Thank you!! I’m looking forward to finishing it and then improving the time next time!

  3. I’m going to come up with a new nick name for you. Comment Warrior. Doood, you got to all the posts before me or anyone else.

    And great job on the weight loss and the 5K program. I know you can do it girl! XXOO

  4. Wow – you had a great week exercising! Keep up the great work. I don’t know if I’ll ever do a 5K – I don’t like to run. Maybe a 5K walk someday but I really admire everyone that’s doing it. I get really motivated for the Walk for a Cure (breast cancer fundrasier) and usually do the local walk for fun.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Shannon says:

    Yes, I’d love to see a Vlog! Congrats on all your running this past week that’s great!! Keep it up! 🙂

  6. Renee says:

    You should do a vlog after the 5K! Way to go on the weight loss and all of the great news this week. Isn’t it great to be pain free? It makes exercise so much more enjoyable. And the jogging stroller is a great investment. I got mine on Craigslist. It will be getting more use in the fall, too hot in the summer to have my son in the heat.

  7. kia says:

    Do the VLOG next week! I thought about doing one after my 5K yesterday but there was a band at the post-race block party and it was too loud to record anything. I passed. Good luck. I know you will do well in your run. Also congrats on continuing with your progress and your Open Sky shop. I can’t wait to read your yoga dvd review.

  8. amanda says:

    I say VLOG! (I’ll do one after my 10k, if you do one after your 5k…) Vlogging is uber fun!!

    YAY for minimal pain and running! Your going to rock this 5k!!!

  9. Joanna says:

    Way to go this week! That is so exciting!

    I’m so glad that your shoulder is reaping the benefits from physical therapy – sticking with it is a great thing! It sounds like it is really improving, and that is awesome. I hope you continue to repair quickly. 🙂

    Way to go on the Couch to 5K program too! That is such an awesome program, although I’ve never finished it LOL but it sounds like you are totally on the mark for meeting your goals for the 5K on Labor Day – best of luck to you! No injuries is AWESOME!!!

    Congratulations on your weightloss – that is super exciting. Regardless of what you decide your final goal is, you have kicked butt getting there! Way to go! Walking with the family is awesome, and that’s so cool that you guys are going to get a jogging stroller. I hope you have a great time with it and use it lots! 🙂

    I also LOVE that quote you used, and it totally applies for me!!! That is so exciting that you are on the soccer team too, even if you can’t play due to your shoulder injury. I’m sure you will still have a ton of fun! I’m really looking forward to your review of the Fitness Coffee!

    Have a great week, and I’m looking forward to tweeting with you this week! Oh, and I totally want to see you do a vlog!

  10. Awesome job! Congrats on your loss!

  11. WOW! Look at you! You were on top of things this past week. Keep it up and do the same this coming week!

  12. I love how positive you are! 🙂 Kinda reminds me of… “I get knocked down… and I get up again.. you’re never gonna bring me down!”

    Haha! You’re doing so great. I’m so proud of you. Good job on the loss, love!!


  13. Wow, what a great week! I say yes to the vlog after your 5k! You’ll have endorphins running rampant and it’ll be awesome and totally motivational! Keep up the great work, girl!

  14. Julie M says:

    yes VLOG!!

    Isn’t PT WONDERFUL, almost as good as a spa day. Infact when I had to go for my knee my PT told me I could only bring my kids w/ me if I could relax with them there, needless to say I only brought them w/ me once. lol I loved the quiet time and the feel better time.

    Great job this week, but remember to take it easy on that shoulder.

  15. lorrie says:

    great job on the weight loss and keep up the good work you are working toward your goals and things are happening for you

    motivation gift

  16. Awesome!!!! Go you. Way to mix up your work outs. You have a loss and we should be shouting Whoot Whoot! —>insert happy dance here<— Good luck this week.

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