Vibrational Yoga — Nothing Left to Do but Breathe

I feel like I just had sex.

You know, that sleepy, happy feeling you get? I have that! Right now! And it’s from doing Vibrational Yoga! (When the DVD arrived in the mail and my husband saw the return address—Vibrational Living—he was like, “What is IN THERE?” I told him it wasn’t that kind of vibration. And, yes, we both have the 12-year-old-boy sense of humor, which is why we like each other so much.)

Yoga that’s Perfect for Moms by a Mom!
All joking aside, this is a WONDERFUL yoga DVD. Laura Swaney is the mom of two young boys, and she completely understands the stresses we have in our lives. She promises that our “happy and whole spirit will shine through,” and that the practice “will raise and balance the vibrational frequencies” of our bodies. We will “regain total self” and have a clear mind, healthy body and strong spirit.

I like that at the beginning of the practice, she does some Zen-based breathing, exhaling and telling us to

“empty out what no longer serves you.”

You then go into a 30-minute intense, sweaty yoga session. The part that touched me the most was “exalted tree” where you cross your leg over your thigh and reach up to the universe/god/spirit/nature and “feel the life and energy flowing through your body.”

I truly felt that I was welcoming the goodness of the universe at that moment.

During this part of the practice, Laura tells us the benefits of poses to different internal organs—the thyroid, intestines and others. I like that she doesn’t focus on things like what the poses will do for your legs or abs as I find that it’s not in the spirit of yoga at all. She does mention the core, but it’s good that she does because it was clear from my lack of balance in some of the poses that I need to strengthen my core.

The last 10 minutes of the practice are a floor/meditation/breathing section. The most mind-opening part of this for me is when Laura, in a soothing voice says,

“You are free to let everything else go.
There is nothing left to do but breathe.”

How many moms NEED to hear that? There are always so many things that I feel like I should be doing. At that moment, though, there really was nothing to do but breathe.

I wish the meditation/floor exercises part were a bit longer.

I felt very happy at this point, listening to Laura talk about imagining a candle burning all of our impatience, anger and pain, but the DVD went back to the main menu with some more upbeat music. It was still really nice, just wish it had lasted longer.

While there is a section for true beginners called Yoga Home Preparation, this is not strictly a beginners DVD. There are some beginner poses, some intermediate and some expert poses. She does recommend that if you’re new to yoga, you can still do the DVD but take breaks when you need to.

Some Observations
I was definitely breathing heavily and sweating during the intense part of the DVD, but that made the relaxation part even better because I had worked hard for it. I also had to modify some poses because of my shoulder injury, but I do believe that a regular yoga practice will keep my back and shoulders strong and flexible and will help me to avoid injury in the future.

I also think this is a great yoga DVD for runners. There is a huge focus on Down-Dog poses, which is a great runner’s stretch, along with others for legs, back and hips.

You can buy the Vibrational Yoga from my OpenSky store here! 25% of my profits will go to Daraja Academy. Read about the experience the girls have had with yoga here.

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5 Responses to Vibrational Yoga — Nothing Left to Do but Breathe

  1. Kim says:

    How is yoga for fat people (yes, I said the f word)? It sounds very interesting, but I’m wondering how it would work w/my extra flab (I’m so not flexible anymore!!!).

  2. Lizzie says:

    You are doing an amazing job of reviewing products. So far- I’ve wanted to check out each one and they are on my wishlust – to either buy or receive. I actually meant to write wish-lust. Not a typo. Keep finding all this cool stuff!!

  3. gretablau says:

    Ha. Well, Kim, yoga is for everyone. I have to say, now that my stomach is smaller, it’s a bit easier, but it’s great for core strength and this one had me sweating a lot for the first part. Also, if you do it regularly, you’ll get more flexible. I definitely have room for improvement! Not sure if you’re trying to lose weight, but stress is a big obstacle, and yoga is a great addition to a healthy regimen.

    Lizzie – do you do any yoga or other DVDs? I love this one and I love Laura!

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