Transitions: 50 Prompts to Help Guide You Through Life’s Changes (My First OpenSky Store Product!!)

by This Is It! Creations—Eco gifts that inspire

Meet the team behind This Is It! Creations

I picture the husband and wife team of This Is It! Creations hanging out in an art studio strewn with bits of beautifully colored paper, wearing their pajamas, sipping tea and getting inspired. Occasionally, an animated bluebird might swoop down and land on an outstretched hand. The husband, Dan, might be wearing a silly hat and the wife, Jodi, some wild striped socks.

See how cute they are?!

This couple, based in Oregon, makes jewelry, photo albums, cards and journals that exude creativity, whimsy and their philosophy of appreciating the important things in life:

“peace, love, beauty, and fun!”

Oh and there are real animals too— a Norwegian Elkhound named Xena and two 1-year-old brother kittens named Biddle and Buncom (see their pics at the end of this review). I just love these two and their little animal sanctuary (coming from someone with one guinea pig and two cats!)

Middle-Aged Jock is focused on health and fitness, but the Transitions notebook is still applicable. This notebook could be a great addition for anyone’s fitness, health or weight loss journey.

You learn a lot about yourself when you decide to do something good for yourself, whether it’s quitting smoking, changing your diet, or training for a physical event. When I rode across Maine on my bike, I realized I’m VERY competitive and constantly compare myself to others. (This can be good and bad.) With the Transitions book, you can focus on one life event or situation or you can choose questions that inspire you in the moment. Each question is at the top of a blank page. Plenty of room to write, doodle, brainstorm, whatever. You get to choose the cover color too!

Some examples with my responses:

  • When in your life have you felt the strongest? The coolest? The most alive? [I love this! Soccer, soccer, soccer. I had strong, muscular legs! All of the above! I kicked ass!]
  • What old habits do you fall back on? [ugh, do I have to answer this? How about ALL OF THEM. I’m resistant to transition, I’m getting this.]
  • Have you forgiven yourself for any past mistakes (or perceived mistakes?) [I love this too because it really makes me look at how hard I am on myself. Way too hard and in the wrong ways. I’m learning already! Becoming more aware of how I get in my own way.]

Self awareness is important! We rarely get to just sit still and think about why we do things the way we do, what beliefs we have and how those affect how we live our lives, or what is awesome about ourselves.

“The unexamined life is not worth living” —Socrates

The books are really beautiful too in the same way a home-grown tomato is. The kind with no pesticides, of course. I don’t mean to say it’s misshapen, just made with love. You can pick up this journal in two sizes—the smaller one would make a great stocking stuffer at 4.25” X 5.5” and the larger one would be good for a more in-depth exploration. They also have many, many other beautiful cards, notebooks, pendant necklaces available, some of which I will have for sale on my OpenSky Store!

Some other things that rock about Jodi and Dan and their creations

  • 5% of profits is donated to animal-welfare groups, including the Jane Goodall Institute. They also donate product to numerous animal-focused charities.
  • 5% of profits of their “Pink Ribbon Awareness” line goes to the Breast Cancer Fund
  • They are environmentally conscious and eco-friendly

The only downside is that This Is It! Creations doesn’t have a central online store! I’ll be selling some of the items on my OpenSky store. Or check out This Is It! Creations’ OpenSky profile here just to see how sweet some of their products are!

In the spirit of This Is It! Creations, 25% of profits from sales of This Is It! products on my OpenSky Store will go to the Jane Goodall Institute!

Biddle and Buncom


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2 Responses to Transitions: 50 Prompts to Help Guide You Through Life’s Changes (My First OpenSky Store Product!!)

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  2. Jodi says:

    Thanks for this review – so sweet! We’re excited to be parterning with you! 🙂

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