Mamavation Monday — August 16, 2010

Well hello sistas. It’s been another rough week for me. I’m falling off of the good eating and exercising wagon and not only do I feel mentally like crap because of the lack of endorphins, I feel guilty about doing these things, further proving to myself that I suck. That I’m a fraud, that I am full of it. (Shut the duck up! More about that in another post)

I’ve barely tried this week to stick to my points on Weight Watchers. I can’t taste anything for the most part and have only run once, thereby falling even more behind on my C25K training. The 5K is in 3-ish weeks and I am only on Week 5 of 9 in the training. I should be running right now, but I just can summons up the energy. What is happening to me? There is a voice in my head saying, “If you go running right now, you will no longer feel as though you’re sliding out of control back to your old, fatter, lazier self.” I’m not sure if that voice is louder than the “I’m-tired-and-want-to-watch-TV-and-go-to-sleep” voice or the “you’re not really a jock, you’re a wannabe!” voice.

I’ve had horrible shoulder pain this week, and I could blame that, but the self-flagellating part of me says that a real athlete wouldn’t let a little pain stop them. They would get out there, get it done and then deal with the pain later.

It’s been a great week for my blog. I have some stuff to review, including “Weight loss guru” Pete Cohen’s program, whom I was lucky enough to meet on Mamavation TV on Monday. Also, still owe you guys the review on the Aligned and Well DVDs. I’m very happy to be reviewing the Fitness Cheerleader’s new MP3 called “Walk and Tone.” So in that regard, things are good! I just don’t feel right calling myself a jock and reviewing fitness stuff if I’m sitting on my ever-widening ass.

I don’t even know how to snap out of this funk. Well, other than “just do it.” How do you keep yourself in the game and motivated especially when there is pain involved? Can you please give me some encouragement, sistahs? Thanks!!

Also, a big congrats to the Sista of the Week, Kimberly! Woohoo!

I’ll fill in about this weeks Blogging Carnival sponsor when it is announced.

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39 Responses to Mamavation Monday — August 16, 2010

  1. I hear you…I totally and completely hear you. I know EXACTLY what you’re feeling right now. I’ve been a sedentary sloth and can’t seem to get the fire lit under my butt. This week is a new week and we will get out of the gutter.

    Have you had your shoulder looked at? Definitely don’t want to mess with injuries, especially shoulders, they can be tricky.

    You can defunk, and you will because you ARE and athlete and you ARE NOT a wannabe. You are. Always remember that k?

    E-mail me when you have a free moment and let me know the types of good foods you like and ones you definitely don’t like and I’ll go through my recipes and see if I can find something good for you to try. I have some ideas but want to make sure it’s stuff you’ll like 🙂

    BIG HUGS, things will get better 🙂

    • gretablau says:

      Thanks Steph. I read your Mamavation Monday post right after writing mine and I was like “Yes!! That!!” It helps so much to hear that other people are going through the same thing that I am and they are getting through it.

      Went to physical therapy today and they want me to come 3X a week until the pain subsides, then we move on to strengthening. I was assured that I would be able to do a push up at the end as well as swim, so I walked out of there this morning much lighter than I walked in! I apparently have some tendonitis and impingement. We are going to work on strengthening my back too so my shoulders don’t slump so much. I’m really excited!

      I’ll email you for sure!! I’m thinking I’m going to try to eat healthy and make SURE I get the exercise in because that’s the part I need for my mental health. The food will come and as long as I’m not gaining I’m fine with waiting a little to lose the last 15 pounds.

      Thank you so much for your help and understanding!!

  2. kia says:

    My only criticism of your post is that you are no longer a high-level jock and there is no need to work through the pain. When I was in college athletics there were times I had to work through the pain and I hated it but my scholarship was on the line. I have the luxury now of working with any pain issues in a better way for my body. If the pain is too much then see a doctor and physical therapist.

    You sound very hard on yourself right now. Are you feeling joy in what you are doing? If not then re-asses and find that happiness again. I would love to read those reviews from the perspective of a joyous athlete. Good luck and talk to me on twitter if I can help motivate you at all.

    • gretablau says:

      I don’t know that I ever WAS a high-level jock, but that would be cool! What did you play in college?

      I’m totally getting the shoulder taken care of and it feels awesome to be doing that. Like I said to Leah in my response to her, my pity party is over!! : ) I thought of the “joyous” athlete when I was running yesterday. Thanks for that!


  3. Stella says:

    Ah… finding the balance between pain (real, not imagined as your doc’s have confirmed) and staying motivated is key, specially for ‘middle’ journeying women with the ever growing juggling that many of us do. I am past ‘middle’ and on my joyous way to ‘elderdom’ and I am finally learning to encourage and THANK my body, rather than beat it up emotionally even before I have asked it to perform. Learning to ‘listen’ to one’s body… our true partner in life, is key to having a synergistically positive outcome. Give and take. Sweetie… you will NOT EVER become a slug. That you can be sure of… it’s not in your genes. Give yourself some kudos for all that you do during the ups AND downs of this ‘jockly’ process. YOU ROCK in my world.

  4. Skinny Sushi says:

    I so know how you feel… I’ve been in a super funk lately too. Sadly, I quit C25K halfway through… so now I’m hoping to get back and finish it in the fall, when the weather is less likely to kill me. I’m doing Weight Watchers too, and for the last two weeks I’ve been awful, using all of my points, all of my flex points, and then just not counting anymore for a couple of days. I’m back in the game now, but only because I’m determined not to undo all of my progress. Hang in there, okay? Remember that one bad week, no matter how bad, isn’t going to undo your progress or ruin your future. Just try to get up every day and recommit… and then if it doesn’t work, try again!

    • gretablau says:

      Oh you quit the C25K? Well, you can always start it again. That’s the wonderful thing about it. It’s hard when it’s so hot out. Better to take precautions.

      I hope you are feeling better too. Sounds like you’re having the same type of anxiety I’ve been having over gaining back or getting back to where I started. It’s a struggle, but I’m glad I have you ladies to help me…and Pete. Ha.

  5. my3kidlets says:

    Work with what Pete tells you! Push through it with positivity, and tell yourself that you CAN do it! You CAN do this!

    YOu may also need to let yourself heal! There’s a reason the pain is there.

    Hugs babe, you’re really doing great, even though right now you don’t feel that way!


    • gretablau says:

      Hee hee. Thanks, Lisa! Yeah, totally I gotta shoot that duck in the face, I think. Ha ha. I’m definitely going to let myself heal. The PT said I can run and bike and do anything as long as I don’t fall and as long as it’s not painful while I’m doing it. No more excuses!!

      I feel a million times better, and it was all of your comments that helped me get off my ass and end the pity party. Thanks!!

  6. Roxy says:

    That’s right, shut that duck up! 🙂 When I’m in pain, I just take a day (or two) off. It’s discouraging, I know, but considering that you described the pain as horrible, I’m concerned that pushing yourself would do more harm than good. If the pain persists, a doctor visit may be in order.

    Would it be really devastating to walk/jog that 5k? How about going on a few nature walks with someone you love? Like you say in your header up there — you’re not dead yet! Keep moving! And if you need to, put your feet up and watch some TV. This too shall pass.

    Oh, and to answer your question on my blog, B is my fiance’s sister (they share a mom) who has been in foster care since she was 9 years old. She may be a relative, but we have the unique role of being parents rather than big brother/big sister.

    • gretablau says:

      Hi Roxy – I’m definitely okay running and cycling according to the PT. I went today and I’m starting at 3X a week at the PT and doing exercises and icing at home. There is hope!!

      I agree that I may have to walk part of the 5K and I’ll just have to suck it up. I will get as far as I can in the training and then figure it out.

      Foster care and kids who are in it are tough. So sad. Good thing she has you!!

  7. I love the duck. Now. Shut it up! lol We all have those weeks, and the only way you are going to get out of it is, (once again), shut the duck up! You know you are capapble of getting up, going out and running. I am so inspired by you, I am still training for the C25K training! I have always been a walker, but all of my weight is in my belly and it jerks me every which way while running. I know that next week you are going to be telling us of how you ran the week away! Good luck and if you need us you know where we are! 😉

    • gretablau says:

      Ha ha. That duck is so loud and annoying and he never stops talking!! I did the run! Thank you!! What week are you on? That’s so cool!! Thanks for the encouragement. It’s so nice to know I inspired someone else!!

      Thanks for your confidence too!

  8. Renee says:

    I completely understand because I’m sitting here not wanting to crosstrain today. I have had a great week of exercise but today I feel like sitting. We can both shut that duck up by exercising – want to do it together? If I commit to exercising today will you? You will feel so much better once you go for your run. Strap on those running shoes and be off!

    • gretablau says:

      Did you do it? How about today? I need to go for a bike ride, doesn’t need to be serious, just like an hour easy or so. You want to commit with me today?

  9. Everyone goes through a funk every once and a while. The thing is, you realize that you’re in a funk and you realize the changes you need to make. That’s the first step towards making it happen. GL this week!

  10. colleen says:

    I have had so many times of feeling in the funk….I have found that getting those products to review has helped in so many ways…I think that reviewing them while not necessarily feeling so motivated is a “true” review. So many people that buy the items are in the same shoes as you.

    As for pain. I have had some issues with certain exercised bothering my knees….what I have done is modified those exercises or found a new type to do. If you have to walk your 5K vs running it, well at least you are moving! Dont give up!

    • gretablau says:

      Colleen – good point. I am looking forward very much to checking them out and reviewing them. I don’t know what happened, I think it was all of the Mamavation support honestly. I read all of the comments and I was like OK I’m going for a run!! Thank you!!

      Also, I’m totally getting used to the idea that if I have to I will walk part of the 5K. I plan on doing more of them, so I’ll be able to improve from there.

  11. It’s easy to lose motivation. However, someone once left me a comment that said “Imagine how you are going to look 10-15 years from now if you keep doing the same habits you are now.”

    Hope that helps put things into perspective and maybe help you get moving again!

    Have a great week

    • gretablau says:

      Oh Scarlett – totally. It’s easy to tell the people who have taken care of themselves and are active. When I was running yesterday, I saw a family that was overweight, and some of them were younger than I am. I thought a couple of things: 1) I am going to look better than that and feel better when I am their age, the older people. 2) I want to help people who are very overweight train and diet so they can feel better and live longer.

      I remember going on cruises with my grandmother and looking at the older people and thinking wow, I need to take care of myself now so I don’t look like that as an older person, and so I live longer. It’s scary really and very good motivation. My grandmother has taken care of herself and she’s 91 and very healthy. I hope (sometimes) to make it that far!

  12. The only advice I can give you is this. I had to keep telling myself to “suck it up”…that is the only thing I could say. Because there were a million reasons I could come up to not do it, but I knew that if I listened to myself I would be unhappy. I had bad hip pain when I started and it used to make me tear up for the first 10 minutes of walking and I had eczema on my heels that would crack and bleed. Just a mess. But you CAN do things you don’t think you can do. Trust me. The human body is a very forgiving thing. Still today I amaze myself with what I’m able to accomplish. Tell yourself “suck it up” and just do it. XXOO

    • gretablau says:

      Leah – so funny because after I got off my ass and did the exercise I was going to put an addendum here saying “OK my pity party is over.” Ha ha. I feel one million times better now. Next time, and I know there will be one, I’ll think of you sobbing with bloody feet and get off my ass maybe a little faster. THank you!!!!

  13. Hey Hun!

    Try to stay positive!!! I alway find that if I slip on my gym shoes and go to the gym, with the understanding that I can leave in 15minutes if I want to, I almost always make it through a 30 minute session…

    I know ALL about the “I am tired and I want to watch tv/sleep…” it stinks… a lot!… I try to get my workouts in during lunch so that I can avoid that feeling of guilt after work… it is much easier… but it also took me about 2-3 weeks before i stopped hating exercise… now i enjoy getting out of the office….

    Now go on and JUMP back on the wagon hun! You deserve it! Take care of yourself and try really hard this week! I will be keeping good thoughts for your sucess!

    Laura @SeeLauraRun

    • gretablau says:

      Thanks, Laura!! I love to exercise, it’s just sometimes there is something blocking the connector from my brain to my feet. I always feel so good afterward. I am on that wagon! At least the exercise one. I need to take it slowly with the food.

  14. thats so me the past 2 weeks. I have been sucking big time on eating and exercising..but remember…we are not perfect. We all have bad days(or weeks) now lets shake it off and get moving together! You can do this!

    • gretablau says:

      Yes, so very far from perfect am I! Thanks for the commiseration. Yes! Shake it off, ladies!! On your marks get set go!! You too!

  15. Krista says:

    What advice I can offer is from my own experience. Forever I tried to use negative motivation to try and stick to my eating plans or exercise just didn’t work. First of all you do not suck. That’s just your negative talker talking. Try listening harder for your compassionate observer. That’s the one that says things like you would say to your friend if she was struggling. Figure out how you want to be with the part of you that doesn’t want to exercise, or eat right, or…She’s a part of you and every part of you deserves acceptance.
    I hope that you have a better week and remember to love yourself.

    • gretablau says:

      Hey Krista – I am so right there with you. I need to be gentle and loving with myself for sure. I’ll have to gently tap her on the shoulder and say, hey, you want to go for a walk? : ) thank you!!!! And I hope you stick around. I like you!

  16. mkopp1 says:

    I hear ya on the bad days/weeks. We all get them. Maybe you need to shake up your routine? Find a new work out that you try and see if that can snap you out of the funk zone. How about something out of your comfort zone? Something you thought, “no way could I ever do that”. Let me know what ya think!

  17. gretablau says:

    Yeah, it’s a possibility for sure. We’re supposed to do something like that on December 4th I think. Hmmm. I will have to think about what it would be. Do you have any suggestions?

  18. Hang in there, girl! It’s a horrible cycle. Find a way to summon some energy so you can get those endorphins working FOR you! I always find that focusing on eating more veggies helps me find that energy too. Good fuel in, and your body will do it’s job.

    Here’s to a better week!

  19. Stella says:

    So here’s what I have recently (define: in my late 50’s) learned: The hard times, the bumpy times, the challenging times are all PART of the rhythm of the good days… the smooth days. As we joyfully and miraculously move & fuel our bodies, we get to know the remarkable and discontented parts of ourselves as we move through ‘our’ individual earth’s voyage. I say this because it was an ‘aha’ moment for me when I realized that the ‘beast’ (my name for the troublesome part of me that I feel pulls me into the muckity muck.) … where was I? Oh yes… the beast … I realized in that very clear ‘aha’ moment that my beast was the part of me that I did not need to rid myself of, but EMBRACE and nurture. “What? Is she kidding?” Well? not really… this part of me, although seemingly strong, is the vulnerable part that needs reassurance and love and gentle prodding back on to the path of health and life. Once I addressed it with love, it felt heard and backed off. It’s a part of me… a vital part of me, with it’s own voice and message. How awesome it is that we have friends who remind us to hang in there, listen to our bodies, and remember it is only for now… that things change… WE change.

  20. Hang in there, girl!! I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been in my little funk for about two months now. After leaving my fiance the end of May, I just kinda sheltered myself, stopped exercising and didn’t eat right. Knowing that I have the support of the Mamavation ladies behind me has made me want to get back into the game. We all have our low moments, but knowing that your in one is great because you can talk yourself out of it 🙂 Don’t just give up on the program because of where you should be. Start tomorrow on where you left off. The program is just a guideline, don’t feel like you have to follow it exactly or you are going to feel let down when you don’t accomplish by that date. Can’t wait to read your post next week!

  21. It’s weird because I’ve been in a funk for a couple of weeks. I have so much going on right now that I forget that I had more energy when I was making time to exercise. I am making healthier eating choices, just need to get off my ass. We’ll get our mojo back soon enough! 🙂

  22. lorrie says:

    I definatly know that feeling i do a hard workout one day then still not seeing results the next day due to my dietary choices its like a never winning battle that sometimes i get tired of battling. But We just need to keep at it and not let the negativity win hope this week went better

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