Mamavation Monday—I NEED Exercise

Well, another odd week. I’ve been having a pretty hard time keeping to points and even with the writing down of points and food eaten. I had a semi-binge on Saturday and couldn’t bike because my tire was flat. (What kind of jock doesn’t know how to fix a flat tire on a bike?) I was feeling depressed, whether because I had forgotten my meds (Did you forget to take your medication or something today? Yes, yes, I did.) or because I hadn’t been cycling in a while, I don’t know.

Saturday night I watched Breaking Away, a movie from 1980 starring the incredibly six-packed Dennis Quaid (trust me when I say it’s worth it just to see them), Dennis Christopher, Daniel Stern (Joe Pesci’s bad-guy partner in Home Alone) and Jackie Earle Haley (the cool kid in The Bad News Bears). It’s a movie about a group of working-class kids living in a college town and the battle they have with the rich kids who attend the college (and really within themselves). The main character, Dave Stoller, played by Dennis Christopher, is a cyclist who dreams of being an Italian bike racer.  He feels free on his bike. There are some great cycling and race scenes. It got me going!

Needless today, Sunday afternoon I stopped using the flat as an excuse, had it fixed and went for a great 20-something-mile ride in the heat that evening. I feel rejuvenated and realize now that I NEED to cycle and do other hard exercise. My brain needs it. I wasn’t cycling for weight loss or to burn calories. I was doing it because I need to.

Somehow I managed to lose a pound this week. I’ll take it. I’m down to 137. Thirteen pounds to my goal of 124 and under 3 pounds until I have lost 10% of my body weight. Feels good. Also, will be joining the 40+ women’s soccer team in my state this fall. Very very excited.

What do you NEED for yourself in order to feel calm and centered?

And just for fun, here’s a pic of one of our Chiquita Banana stickers.

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15 Responses to Mamavation Monday—I NEED Exercise

  1. jennydecki says:

    I need…um…I’m not entirely sure. I do know that exercise makes me feel way less stressed than days where I do not exercise (my rest days, I’m not slacking lol) – so maybe right now I’m just at the place where ANY physical activity is better than none. I’m not sure.

    Congrats on your scale reveal 🙂

  2. Mandi says:

    Great job! I’m that way as well, exercising and being “in the zone” is such a mental thing for me, I wake up and can’t wait to move and get my blood pumping, my heart pounding, and my mind focused!

  3. gretablau says:

    That’s cool, Mandi!! I am feeling like that too, though I don’t wake up wanting to exercise!!

    Jenny – can’t wait to see what happens tonight!!

  4. A loss is a loss…no matter how small and no matter if we think we deserve it or not! Keep your head up and keep moving!

  5. gretablau says:

    Totally, Lori – I was going to say I don’t deserve it, but I didn’t. I guess you picked up on that anyway! Here we go into the fray together!!

  6. Great job! What I need to feel calm and collected… is exercise. Good old fashion sweat inducing cardio! 🙂 It keeps me sane… and helps my mood. 🙂

    Have a great week!

  7. congrats on the weight loss this week. Never say you didn’t deserve it because weight loss is a funny thing. We may lose when we haven’t been working so hard, or we may be stuck when we HAVE been working hard. It’s just your previous activity catching up to your body!

    Have a great week 🙂

  8. mkopp1 says:

    Keep on pushing through the tough times!

  9. Shannon H says:

    Good job for fixing the flat and realizing you needed this for much more than losing weight!
    PS. I LOVE the name of your blog!!

  10. A good sweat always makes me feel good. Especially being outside. I love riding my bike or running outside and the feeling of the wind blowing. It makes me feel free.

    Way to get the bike fixed and back out on the road. Keep going, you’re so close to your goal weight, there’s no turning back now so don’t even think about it 🙂 Have a great week!

  11. TLEstrogen says:

    I get it girl. You know you aren’t doing right yet you have no motivation to correct things. Congrats on straightening yourself out!

  12. kia says:

    I need daily meditation to feel calm and centered. I am thrilled that a movie was able to inspire you to get the bike ready. You had to have felt euphoric after you finished.

  13. I still need to figure out what I need to keep me together lol Time to myself helps. Having a clean and uncluttered home is necessary. There is so much that contributes to being calm and centered!

  14. I have found that I need exercise too. If for nothing more than to keep my stress level in check and keep me from losing my cool with the kiddo.

    Great job on the loss! You’re doing great, girlfriend! Keep it up!

  15. It’s amazing how much better you feel once you get some exercise. I thank the endorphins for my sanity.

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