Move a Muscle, Change a Thought

Wow, what a difference it makes to get OUT OF THE HOUSE! Went to my mom’s. We’re doing the Couch-to-5K together. We did the 30-Day Shred, which was somewhat challenging to me at Level 1. One thing I really like about it is that there are two women doing the exercises, one at “full blast” and one who does modified exercises for beginners. Day 1 of 30 Done! Only 29 days to go!

We then went for our Day 3, Week 1 run. It was fun, though after doing the Shred, our legs were a bit tired. Counted my Weight Watchers points, went a little over, but also earned 5 Activity Points, which is always good.

Tomorrow is my weekly weigh in day, and I’m expecting either a small gain or same as last week since I overindulged on Friday and Saturday. I’m trying to brace myself for a step back. Will try to do better this week with the extra food. I could have had a little less onion dip. Seriously.

Some goals for the week
Maybe purchase a pedometer (I even saw one at the supermarket this week!)
Record points 7 out of 7 days
Do the 30-Day Shred all 7 days
Complete Week 2 of the C25K

Couch-to-5K logo from
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2 Responses to Move a Muscle, Change a Thought

  1. Lizzie says:

    I just nominated you to win the treadmill. 😉

  2. gretablau says:

    Oh thanks!! ha ha.

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