Well, I have pinpointed my emotional eating triggers…unfortunately the hard way! Stressssss!!! Just finished a small bowl of Fritos and also had chips today and a shitload little to much of Smartfood…oh and chocolate. I know these things are okay in moderation, but I am wondering what the hell I’m doing to myself. I feel compulsive and I don’t like it! But does the shame I feel help me to choose to get back on the wagon of health or does it just make me want to eat more? It’s clearly not working. I have not counted points since yesterday, and something has triggered this.

I need to cut things out of my life, take on less, schedule my time better, not check Twitter during work hours, etc., and yet I’ve started this blog. Another thing to do. Something I guess I needed to do though. It’s helping me to process what’s coming up as a result of trying to become more healthy and staying that way. I never really got the whole emotional teeth pulling thing that Jillian Michaels does on the Biggest Loser, and thought well, THOSE PEOPLE are so fucked up. I, on the other hand, am just a little chubby and just like to eat too much.

What a freaking joke. There’s something, other than the taste of food and my crappy genes, that is contributing to all of this. I want to get to the bottom of it. I also want to figure out strategies where I realize that I’m eating emotionally and either decide to do it and feel okay with it or substitute something else for the (apparently carby—see list above) food.

Do you have any strategies that you use to head off this type of eating or are you able to just forgive and move on?

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1 Response to Compulsion

  1. jimma says:

    I usually just go get a chocolate milkshake. This may not be the best strategy for everyone, though, including myself.

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