Well, here I am. I’ve thought about starting a blog forever and here I am. Well, it’s not my first blog, but I’m looking at it as my first real blog. The one where I’ll actually try to get followers, the one that will take me to BlogHer 2011, the one that will be lauded and applauded the whole world over! Well, maybe not that last one, but…

So a little bit about me. I live in a college town in the Northeastern United States with my son who is three and a half years old and my husband who works at said university. I work at home doing stuff for educational publishing companies, and wrangle my little bean most days. I’ve always been either “nearly athletic” or pining to be an athlete and have never quite gotten THERE. It’s freaking hard work and I’m lazy (like that lazy, lazy kangaroo…now it’s all coming together). So there. But I’ve seen too many really really unhealthy old young people in recent years and I am here and now vowing (man, I wrote “cowing” first….hmmm, what does that mean?) that I will NOT be one of them. I will be the 80-year-old crossing the 5K line or the 50-year-old wearing a bikini. Well, again, maybe not that last one.

I’m hoping to bring you along on my journey to jock-dom. Share with me what’s worked for you, what you like to do for physical activity, any tricks you’ve learned. Come along!

Photo by James Bickers, www.jamesbickers.com

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3 Responses to Hi!

  1. heidi says:

    I’m gonna follow your blog. Let’s see some action.

  2. jimma says:

    that kangaroo could kick both of our asses

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